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Be Fearless "When you think about the things that scare you, do you want to run and hide,or are you willing to consider that there may be another perspective? When you can acknowledge the possibility that what you have feared all along is not as it appears, you become Fear-less. You stop giving it your power, and you gain dominion over yourself and your world. There is a difference between Being with fear and feeding it - Don't feed it. Be Fear-less!" excerpted from: Being - A Practical Guide to Living in the Moment by Lorayne Evangelyn Ham

Our Team

Lorayne Evangelyn Facilitator / Healer / Guide

Assisting StarSeeds to Awaken, Evolve and Embrace who they Really are.

Georgia Cammann Facilitator / Healer / Guide

Supporting StarSeeds to honor “who they truly are”.

Jan Walker Jewelry Artist

Supporting StarSeeds with Powerful StarSeed Jewelry

Mary Jane Iltz Partner

Supporting the mission of StarSeed Living.


Our mission is to support “YOU”, Dear StarSeed, in awakening to your true self and your joyful Earth mission. To assist you in living an extraordinary life!
To guide and mentor, as you remember and re-awaken to your StarSeed origins. Discover and attune to the Light Codes you carry as they are the language of your Soul. We see your wholeness and know your perfection. We are here to join with all Light Workers in facilitating the ascension of Earth and her inhabitants; to raise frequency, vibration and consciousness, to merge with 5D Unity Love Consciousness, which is our divine inheritance.

It is our JOY to provide a variety of Services, Products, Resources, Courses and Tools to support your discovery of Self - Body, Mind, Spirit.

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“Lorayne Evangelyn is a miracle worker.  I don’t know how else to say it.  My back went out so severely, I could not move.  As I lay on the floor, preparing to call an ambulance my wife said, “Let’s call Evangelyn.”  Overcome with pain, I could not fathom why we should call her, but within hours of speaking with her, I was up and walking.  What would normally take me a week to recover from, was resolved in a phone call.  What do you call that?  I call it miraculous.”
– Jan Nickman, Emmy Award winning director

“Wow, you are the best! After my appointment with you I could actually turn my head and see in traffic without wincing. I can’t thank you enough for the insights. You are so much more than you claim. I learned so much from you. Thank you! You have helped me more than either of us realized.”
Kathie Brodie, C.Ht., Consulting Hypnotist The Baggage Handler


“Lorayne did for me 30 minutes reading on my life purpose and she went above and beyond to provide me insights to how I can move on in my spiritual journey and a bonus meditation to support in this process. Subsquently, I engaged Lorayne again for another 1 hour session via Skype, and Lorayne was so focused in the moment to understand my needs and answered my questions. She provided guidance on what it takes for me during my meditation to connect with my higher self and guides and also instill the discipline and steps needed to achieve astral travel. I have since started this process and will will be looking forward to her tutelage and mentoring every quarter.
I have been in consultation with many spiritual teachers and I highly recommend Lorayne for her services to the world and endorse her fully. With kind gratitude to her help and I am sincerely grateful for her support.
Thanks and Regards,”

Shih Shen – Singapore



“This woman is so beyond what she stands for…
She’s so full of inspiration, knowledge, and insight.
This is the biggest privilege of our life.”

Pam Gray & Rochelle Alhadeff, co-founders and hosts of Chat With Women


“I had the pleasure of a reading with Lorayne who distilled her magnetic life-force around me, allowing me to absorb the warmth and depth of her light as she dove into my world with ease and mastership. Her transmission of light energy was gladly welcomed from across the ocean and I still feel it resonate as I listen back to our session. Her insight into my path brought both clarity and illumination and since, i have been more solid in my daily life as-well as more creative in my professional pursuits. I can only but recommend a reading with Lorayne as the benefit for me as been other-worldly.”
– Tom, Ireland

Life Changing

“Evangelyn is a truly gifted psychic who unearthed the song of my soul and sang it back to me when I forgot.  Truly a life-changing experience for which I am eternally grateful.”
– Marlowe Brown – Washington