Remembering Earth Mission: A true story unfolds as the ancients reveal their purpose.

As StarSeeds, we all have a mission, a calling and it is up to us to remember what that is.

Some are here to hold balance, justice, Truth, to steadily stand and shine their light so that others may find and hear the call. Others of us, just “know” the minute they arrive that they are here for BIG things! Most of us stumble through our lives until something happens and we can no longer ignore what we feel, know, hear, sense, feel, see… It strikes us like a lightening bolt and we are suddenly thrust into our mission. Others it just unfolds over time, naturally. However you find yourself in the process of your unfoldment… you are not alone! There is a plethora of available information out there to support you in finding your way.

To that end, I would like to introduce you to Mystic Shawoman, Sharon Reigie Maynard, Sharon has written a wonderful, powerful book called “Remembering Earth Mission: from the ancient ones, keepers of galactic secrets”. This is a must read for all StarSeeds and everyone else!

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Where is Your Beginning and Purpose?
Our ancestors, the Ancient Ones, began life on this planet with crystal clear purpose. Then came the Fall and lifetimes of subjugation, conflict, and despair. Survival lifetimes took an enormous toll on humanity, and the Divine plan was lost.
Throughout time, inspired ones came to restore hope and vision. Some heard and most ignored. Finally, the Ancients tell the story of their journey. Knowing original purpose will enable you to find your meaning. Our mission must emerge, Out of the Shadows, or life as we know it, is lost.
This is the story of Sharon Reigie Maynard’s experiences with Spiritual teachers beyond Earth. Their words have benefited hundreds in her work as a Mystic Shawoman. Now, through Myra and Tuma, Dana and Jerra, the power of Mission the unfolds.

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Finding trusted resources to further your understanding and information about your earth mission is a critical part of being here, at this time.

It is our goal and mission to be of service to you, to help you navigate all that is available to you and to support you in discerning, for yourself, what is correct for you.

We will continue to provide resources, as they become available, to support you as you walk this Earth and straddle the stars!