Now is the Time

StarSeeds... NOW IS THE TIME!

StarSeeds... Now is the Time!
Birthing a new Earth

The journey of every StarSeed... As StarSeeds we have traveled many roads, many life experiences and many worlds to arrive at this point, this time, this place and this reality! We have journeyed far, learned much and have lent our knowledge, gifts and energy to provide the perfect soil to birth new life…

The Earth is growing through her own experience to come to this time of transformation from this three dimensional, polarity driven existence into the fifth dimension and beyond. Everything is primed for this great awakening, this great emergence and we are here, by choice, to assist in the transformation.

We are ready, we intuitively know what we need to do and if you do not yet know, now is the time for you to learn, go within and connect to the great field of potentiality and ride the waves of your soul mission. None of us are here, at this time, by accident. All StarSeeds are here, at this time, for a specific and powerful reason.

No matter what you have experienced in this distorted and convoluted illusory “reality” you can heal You can transform. You can awaken! The suffering you have endured has served to make you stronger, helped you to yearn for a new way of being, guided you, taught you, molded you to this present moment… you are NOT here by accident, remember… you are precious, love and perfect, you are whole!

You may feel broken, you may have experienced immeasurable trauma, pain and sorrow, you may have done things in your life that cause you to feel shame, guilt and pain, you may not know who or what you are right now but get ready…. Life is about to forever change!

It is time, dear StarSeed, to bless your past, give thanks for what it taught you and “Let it Go”! You are greater, than this one life, you are greater than your past, you are greater than you know! You are StarSeed, you are powerful, you are magnificent, you are LOVE…!

Yes, you have traveled many roads, many experiences and many worlds to be here, right now, in this place, on this beautiful planet and you are here to support the growth and expansion of all beings that currently reside upon her. These are momentous times. Are you ready to stand with your sister and brother StarSeeds, to take your place, to hold your energy, on behalf of all life?


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