Waking up StarSeed

Are you hearing the call, do you know who you really are? Do you feel like a fish out of water? Are you a loner, misfit or just don’t feel like you can understand or communicate with those around you? Maybe, you just don’t understand what all the fuss is about and why people are so angry all the time? Does it feel like the world is spinning around you and you can’t seem to grasp this reality? You are not alone! There are millions of StarSeeds on the planet and more are arriving every day. You are definitely not alone!
The current co-created reality that most are experiencing is pretty sticky and we can find ourselves face planted in the muck, it still happens to me! The best we can do is be gentle with ourselves, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and remember.

The first things to remember are, you are here for a purpose, you are deeply loved, you are precious and you have a mission. You are here at the right time in the right place. We are all here is some way to assist in the transformation and elevation of mother earth and her inhabitants. This is not a mission to fear but to embrace and allow. All will be revealed to you.

Looking back on my life I remember all the moments of confusion, wondering how I ended up in the life I was living. I always had the feeling that I didn’t fit in but didn’t know why. Often I felt forsaken and abandoned. It was not easy for me as a sensitive, intensely curious and driven child. Like many of us, there was trauma in my childhood, we all have a story, but mine did not break me.
It wasn’t until I was 40 that I started to remember who I really am and why I am here. The remembering didn’t come all at once, in fact it took years. But remember I did! And once I did, it was like I always knew.
The reason I felt like I didn’t fit in wasn’t because I was somehow fundamentally flawed (which had been my conclusion) it was because I knew in the inner most recesses of my heart and mind that I was from somewhere else! I later learned where that somewhere else was!

As StarSeeds we have come here for a purpose, a mission, and that purpose is rarely revealed to us when we are young. However, most of the Star Children being born today are coming in with full remenberance of who they are and they mission. This is an amazing thing for all of us! .

Most of us have some event that wakes us up and it is rarely gentle. Many of us have had events in our young lives that attempted to shut us down and cause us to dim our light. Eventually we either wake up, because we can’t do anything else, or we exit. Sadly, many of our StarSeed sisters and brothers make the choice to leave because the trauma that shut them down was so intense that the choice to leave is greater than the desire to stay. Many never discovered their StarSeed roots. My discovery of my galactic roots is what kept me here, at times however, I have had to fight the desire to exit the density of this world.
You may have felt the desire to escape the pain, suffering, fear, shame, degradation, confusion, and unkindness here, as I did. But, here is where we StarSeeds can and will prevail. Here is where we can leverage and exert our gifts and talents for something far greater than most humans know. You see, we have gifts and talents that are from the stars, from our galactic ancestry that provide the strength and persistence needed to help evolve our little jewel of a home into her next evolution and in so doing, we also evolve ourselves.

There have been times in my life that I wished I would wake up and “not” know, wake up and be “normal”, wake up and want the same things as everyone else, because the sense of responsibility and mission were so intense that I was certain I was going to go insane. It was only in the knowing that there was something more, bigger, greater. That there is beauty and joy inside this living planet and the knowledge that I was here to help her and those living upon her, that kept me on point.
Long ago I resigned myself to the fact that I was here, I couldn’t leave, I have a strong sense of duty, so I might as well do my best to gain the knowledge, information and skills to be here and do my job! I have spent my entire life intensely pursuing that end.

At first the mission was vague. In fact I wasn’t even sure that what I was hearing, feeling and knowing was real! But, the sensations grew stronger and stronger, the voice got louder and louder and eventually it was just hard to ignore it all. Eventually I just gave up and listened. I am a reluctant, yet obedient, servant. Once I understood who I was and that I was here for a purpose I wanted to act, to charge headlong into my mission. My galactic higher self and teachers just told me to “Hold Steady”. That was excruciating! What did that mean? But every time I tried to exert, to push, to jump in and get dirty something would happen, usually something not good!

So eventually I learned that holding steady was not passive, I was instructed to send frequency, to hold the tone of truth, instead of action. There are others, whose mission requires action, that was not mine. I have had lifetimes that action was my purpose and mission and I did it well, my soul memories hold imprints of those times, I feel them. So I hold, I emit, I hold a vision. I have come to learn that I hold certain frequencies for healing, and transformation and that these frequencies have been amped up and accelerated since 2012 and my mission continues.

You may have had similar experiences that are calling you to stand up and be counted. To let your presence be know, to hear the voice or feel, see know the messages of your star family and get on point. Do not be afraid, all that you have experienced has made you stronger. The suffering of this plane and dimension has not broken you, you are not alone! There are others like you who see your truth who are here to guide you back to yourself, to help you remember all of who you are, to remember your StarSeed Truth.
Life, time, space are all accelerating so fast and it may seem like you can’t seem to grasp all that is being asked, you can and you will. If it is for you to know, you will know. Do not let the apparent insanity that is all around you distract you from your true calling.

Surrender to your truth, know and trust that you are here for a greater purpose and that everything you need is available and will be provided if you will surrender to your galactic and universal self. You are of the Stars, you are magnificent, you are recognized and you are seen!

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