No StarSeed left behind

As StarSeeds we often feel a deep sense of being lost, a despair that reaches to our core. We may feel that somehow we have been left behind but we don’t yet know why.

Since 2012 StarSeeds are awakening at a Star pace! They usually start to remember in DreamState. One day they will awaken from sleep with the thought or word “STARSEED” running through their heads and they will begin to search for answers.

There is great relief in the knowing that you are StarSeed but still the longing and despair lingers… You might say to yourself, “if I am StarSeed, why can’t I remember? Why has my Star family abandonded me here, on this planet, don’t they know I am here? And what is the purpose? It can feel like a cruel joke…

Until you fully awaken and remember, you are here by your choice. You wanted to be here!

The crazy thing about this dimension is that the veil of forgetfulness prevents us from fully knowing that we chose this experience! I know, you are thinking, why would I have chosen this? Why would I want to come into a 3rd dimensional reality, where duality and conflict are common place? Well, you did, we all did, and for very good reason, to assist this beautiful jewel of a planet and her inhabitants to elevate and emerge out of the darkness, into the light!

So, we may feel that we have been forsaken but in fact we have not, it is an illusion, a false perception that only serves to keep us trapped.
Awaken, Dear StarSeed, remember… You are important, valuable and needed! Join with your StarSeed sisters and brothers, step up and be counted! It is time to roll up your sleeves and join in the fun… ascension awaits!

It is our Mission to be a beacon of light in the darkness for all Starseeds and Light Workers to support you in remembering who you are and why you are here! We are passionate about making sure that no StarSeed is left behind.

We are here to support YOU!

Now that we have established, that on some level, “we chose this”, let’s get to the mission at hand! Let us also establish the parameters of this dimension so that we can all start to unravel and extricate ourselves from the illusion.

Cause and effect – not the whole story
What we have been lead to believe is that we are powerless, ineffectual and must fall in line with the status quo. This is what slavery looks and feels like. We have been enslaved for far too long and so have the Hu-mans on this planet. The Truth, we are extremely powerful creators and by our intent are manifesting all of the time. Our thoughts and our corresponding feelings are the most powerful tools any of us have to create, anything in our reality. As Starseeds we are highly attuned to the feelings and emotions of others and this can cause problems when our sense of self has been quashed, we may not know if the feeling we are feeling are ours or someone else’s.

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