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To Be of Service is the greatest Mission of all

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Services (overview)

StarSeeds connect with the world around them in unique and powerful ways. You are highly sensitive to the thoughts, feeling, emotions of everyone and everything around you. You are highly observant, highly intelligent and highly attuned.  You also have a great capacity for joy and bringing magic into the everyday. You, quite literally are not of this world!

Knowing how to manage your energy for self-care, learning to tap into your own unique gifts of healing, identifying and removing the limiting blocks, beliefs and programs that have been hindering your movement forward or causing you pain, will bring you closer to living a life of purpose, on purpose!

Guiding and facilitating our StarSeed clients to step into their power, their knowing, assisting and facilitating in their healing, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually is our greatest joy.  Any process that we embark upon, no matter what it entails, will ultimately, by design, bring Joy to All.  Helping to heal the world.
You have within you ALL that you need, we simply assist you in revealing, awakening and remembering.

The moment you make the decision to book a session with us the energy connection begins!  We exist as one energy field with many facets, therefore, we “feel, see, know” you through time and space and beyond!

We are here to support your process.

    • A pre-session questionnaire and photograph are required for all services (will be email in PDF format.)
    • In an effort to avoid any distractions during your session and to maintain the energetic purity, we ask that payment be made in advance.
    • Please contact us if you have any questions or to request session availability and/or payment submission.
    • Once your payment has been received you will receive an email with the questionnaire.


Definition of Service Techniques, Modalities and Practices

We use a variety of techniques along with guidance from our higher selves and those of our clients.  A variety of techniques may be used to support your growth, healing and transformation, as guided by the  session.  Here is a list of some of the techniques we may use for your benefit.  We are certified in many of these techniques and have years of training.  First and foremost we use our inner guidance to connect with our clients during the session.  All services are a collaboration of Spirit, Client and facilitator.

  • BQH – Beyond Quantum Healing:  A system of healing that facilitates the client to deeply relax and connect with their higher -self, teachers, guides and way-showers to provide rapid self-healing and personal transformation.. Incorporates any and all tools and techniques as needed to produce the desired results.  Many clients experience connection with star families, past lives, future lives, concurrent lives, beings from other dimensions etc.
  • Crystal Energy Healing / Crystal Grids:  The collaborative use of crystals and their energy to facilitate healing, opening, transformation, space clearing, grounding etc.
  • Crystal Essences:  Tinctures made from the energy of crystals to support further healing and transformation. (Product)
  • Energy Healing:  Any modality that uses the innate energy of the facilitator, client and planet to produce an effect in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual world.
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique:  A unique technique using tapping, on specific meridian end points to clear Limiting beliefs, blocks and energy patterns.
  • Epigenetics Healing Technique:  EIP – Eliminating Interference Patterning – A technique used to clear emotions Locked into the DNA due to STRONG emotional response to life.  Clearing energy blocks, beliefs and patterns.
  • Flower Essences:  Extractions of flower essences or vital energy to assisting in healing emotional patterns.
  • Hooponopono:  A technique used to clear beliefs through all time and space.  The practitioner clears the belief within themselves which in turn creates change in the world.
  • Hypnosis:  A technique of induction into brain wave patterns that facilitate connection with the unconscious.
  • Kalos Health Facilitation:  A Mind, Body Spirit healing system that uses kinesiology (muscle testing) and a tool to connect with the sub-conscious mind to facilitate healing and change.
  • Light Language: The language of the stars
  • Medical Intuitive Scan:  An energy technique that allows the facilitator to look into the body of a client and see what blocks are causing physical, emotional, mental mis-allignment.
  • QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique:
  • Guided Meditation:  A technique that allow for expansion of consciousness, quieting the conscious mind facilitates connection for growth, healing, connection to universal consciousness and ultimately expansion of the whole.
  • Oracle Cards:  Tools to gain insight and guidance.  An energy picture of the current state of being / beliefs.
  • Reiki:  An ancient energy healing technique that uses a specific energy frequencies to penetrate, read and heal the energy field.
  • Remote Viewing / Distance Healing:  A technique to connect with clients at a distance and allow the energy healer to sense into the clients energy field for the benefit of the client.
  • Sound Healing / Accutonics:  The use of sound (crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, voice, tuning forks, humming, mantra) to move energy.

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