You are important to the world! The care and maintenance of YOU!

As a StarSeed your physiology is much more sensitive to the environment in which you live.

If you are struggling to just exist and get by because your physical body is not supporting you then there are things you can do to get yourself back in the game… the StarSeed game!


Keeping your bodysuit, as my friend Sharon Riegie Maynard author of Mission Remembered calls it, HEALTHY, is imperative to fulfilling your mission.

I am talking about simple steps that you can start taking today to move you in the direction of wholeness and happiness. I don’t know about you but when I am not feeling well then I am not happy!  Well, that is not entirely true, my happiness is not dependent on whether or not I feel well, but it does make life so much sweeter.

Step #1. Find ways to reduce or eliminate Fluoride from your life. See if your municipality fluoridates your water. If they do then start using distilled water, spring water or find fluoride reducing filtration systems. The fastest way is either distilled water or spring water. Drinking pure water without chemicals goes a long way to reducing your exposure. You wont be able to eliminate it all together because you will still be showering in it but it is a big step. Also, make sure you are using Fluoride free toothpaste. I make my own toothpaste from equal parts of Diatomaceous earth and bentonite clay and peppermint essential oil.

Step #2. Consider never getting vaccinations again! This is a big one and very controversial but trust me there are things in those vaccines that you do not want in your body! StarSeeds are very susceptible to them so avoid them if at all possible. If you have small children, DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Step #3. Choose Organic, Local, Fresh foods as much as possible. If you can grow your own, even if only a small container garden worth of food, all the better. Source your eggs, chicken, meats from farmers who raise them as nature intended, on there normal food. Cows eat grasses and such; chickens eat plants, seeds and such. Corn and Soy are not your friends! Most of the corn and soy available to farm animals is loaded with glyphosates and chemicals even organic ones. Remember; you are what you eat eats! If you are buying your eggs consider pasture raised omega 3 eggs as they are usually raised outdoors and fed flax seed, a better option.

Step #4. Develop a practice of unplugging more often! Toxins are not just chemical in nature. However, studies show that you, yourself produce chemicals in your brain when you engage in social media, play computer games, need to pick up your phone all the time etc. that are very addictive. Unplugging and meditating, going outside and standing on the earth barefoot, talking with friends and loved ones all go a long way to help create balance in your life.

These are just a few simple things you can do today.  Life is a journey and taking small steps to ensure your health and well-being everyday go a long way to a happy joy filled journey.

Remember, you are more sensitive that most and being aware of how you are effected by your environment will help to empower you and when you are empower… you can change the world!

Keep up the good work, continue to spread Love and Joy and take care of yourself, for all our sakes!

I will try and get some links up on the resources page about vaccines and fluoride written by my dear friend Georgia Cammann.  They are worth reading!


It is time for a Physical / Energy Revolution! Welcome all StarSeeds!


One of the most challenging things, as StarSeeds, that we first encounter, is the realization that we are grounded here, on earth, in a physical body. We may have dreams of flying free and then upon awakening we discover that we are much denser than our dream state indicated (we use dream state somewhat liberally).  We are stuck with no way out.  There is a deep sense of despair.  Then we realize, on some deeper level, that  we must go on.

As StarSeed, when exploring our roots, finding out who we are and remembering, it is important to realize that we have chosen to be here. We must come to terms with what that means. We are in physical form and that means we must, and I mean, must learn to take care of this form, to the best of our ability.

As StarSeeds we have a very delicate system that can get out of balance, physically, mentally and emotionally much easier than earth human forms. Yes, we are in human physical bodies, most born into them, but we carry additional DNA markers, codes and implants that highly attune us to our environment, therefore making us far more vulnerable.  When we are sick and in a state of dis-ease we are not living up to our galactic nature and it is up to us to make the necessary corrections.

It is not your fault, you did nothing wrong. Most of us grew up with challenging beginnings and they took their toll on us. It is time for us to take back the control over our physical reality. Learning about the proper care and feeding of this physical vehicle can go a long way in supporting our mission and providing us the energy and momentum to move forward.

Many StarSeeds who have been around for many lifetimes carry, energetic patterns of disease within the energy field and the physical form. Also, the prevailing beliefs in the global population are causing deterioration on all levels. It is not inevitable and we should not just accept it, our energetics won’t allow us to continue to go down that path. Eventually we will either self-destruct or change. Change is a much preferable solution.

We are 100% energy and as StarSeeds we can greatly affect energy, all beings can, but, we have finely attuned abilities that when tapped into and embraced, can and do change the physical world.

So get ready to discover your innate ability to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually whole so that you can embrace your galactic energy self.

Having had many physical health challenges ourselves we have found a few things that have helped to both alleviate some of the sense of density and created a cleaner energetic space from which to navigate.

Some things to try:

  • Eliminate Modern Grain consumption, all grains, look for EinKorn Wheat (it is non-hybridized)
  • Reduce animal protein to only 2-4 ounces per day.  Try adding more fish.
  • Eliminate all Soy and Corn from your diet.
  • Eliminate White, Bleached Sugar and all Artificial Sugars.  (Try Stevia, Xyletol, Monk fruit, Honey and Maple syrup)
  • Make 80% of what you consume Vegetables.  Lean towards bitter greens, Chard, Kale, Bok Choy, Cauliflower etc.
  • Think Paleo, but with less Protein.
  • Look at how your food is processed and what the food you are eating ate.
  • Organic, minimally processed foods. Pasture raised.
  • Get out and walk every day
  • Yoga and Qi Gong help to move energy through your body and align it with the earth energies.
  • Purify your water, consider distilled, well or spring water.  Eliminate fluorides from water and products.
  • Consider the effects of vaccines on your physical body and avoid them.

When you start looking at your body as the vehicle (Temple) by which you are here to complete your mission and that because of that fact, it needs to be cared for, you will gain respect for your body and eventually learn to love it.  Remember, every cell in your body is intelligent and it is responding to, not only what you feed it, but what you think about it.   We are not an “I” but a community of billions of sentient cells grouped together by energetic bonds in concert with one another.

Learn to take care of your physical form and you will have the energy, stamina, resources and “will” to stay here and be part of the greatest experiment of all, the transcendence of Earth into 5D!

We will be posting recipes on the web site in the resources section.