So I’m a StarSeed… Now What?

21 May 2018 Lorayne

StarSeed Mission!

What the heck does that mean for me now?

How does this information effect how I go forward and live my life?

Why should I care?


All good questions! The foundational answer is… You are imperative to this time in Earth’s evolution.

Now what? This is not intended to scare you, to overly burden you or to dissuade you, but to help you recognize how special and precious you are.

Many of you have been here on Earth mission for millennia, you have, whether you know it or not, been holding the frequencies of stability and awaiting the time of change, waiting for the time of global awakening. Your presence was necessary and important and you provided the foundation and structure. Throughout your many times of rebirth, your very presence emitted frequencies that unconsciously connected you with other StarSeeds both here and in other times and dimensions. This frequency communication kept you connected to the greater galactic communities. Even though you may have felt abandoned, lost, disconnected, separate and forsaken, this, dear StarSeed, was not the case! You have done your job and done it well! Because you stood as a beacon, other StarSeeds have been and are able to birth onto the Earth plane and proceed with their missions of transformation and ascension! Many of you have now chosen to serve as guides, mentors and teachers to other StarSeeds and as such are continuing your mission. You are a Stabilizing Force.

Those of you who have been birthing onto the Earth plane for the last several decades have a very different role to play! You are here to facilitate change! You are here to provide the platform for Universal Love Consciousness on Earth and send these frequencies throughout the global populations both human and non-human. You are in essence broadcasting this time of global awakening! You are announcing the end of the old structures, helping to raise the vibrational frequencies and signaling to all that the CHOICE is theirs! You are the trumpeters of Change.

The StarSeeds being born now and in greater numbers, which will continue to accelerate over the next few decades, are here to teach and guide us. These Star children are very different and they do not conform to any set rule structure. Because of this, they are very confusing to those who are vehemently holding onto the old ways of being. Traditional education systems, religious covenants, governmental regulations and familial rules will all serve to stifle their message of ascension. For this reason, they need to be nurtured and supported. These StarSeeds are fully awakened and if not shut down, know their mission and are fully prepared to step into it when they are signaled to do so. They are here to Show the Way!

All StarSeeds are here for a purpose of their choosing. No StarSeed is a victim! We are here to support Earth and her inhabitants in the ascension process, to join the greater galactic community. The time of the 3D Earth experiment is now over. If we can remember this Truth the process becomes a mission of joy and understanding, rather than being difficult and a battle.

Be not afraid StarSeed… Embrace your StarSeed nature. Do not worry that the mission is too difficult or the burden to heavy. You inherently know what to do and when to do it. You are not alone, and never have bee, even if you felt you were. You are guided, supported, loved and appreciated.

Once you have been activated (awakened to the knowledge that you are StarSeed) you will begin to understand the information that is being broadcast to you. You will most likely begin by receiving this information in dreamtime, meditation or knowingness, perhaps not consciously at first.

Over time as you settle into your StarSeed knowing, you will begin to see patterns, feel impulses and recognize the guidance you are given. You will awaken to your particular current mission. Do not worry, you will know! You are well prepared and well supported. Everything you need will be available to you to complete your mission.

Yes, the density of the 3D Earth may feel like a hindrance to your plans, you may need to hold your ground and stand strong. Your challenge may be in trusting; trusting that you are prepared, that you are supported and that you can do this.

There are those who understand, other StarSeeds that are here to support you! Seek them out! They understand how it FEELS to be StarSeed!

Always lean back into your knowing, listen to your gut and test the waters. Never, under any circumstance, hand your power over to another, even if they are StarSeed, No StarSeed that is standing in their power, will ask this of you.

Sometimes we feel insecure in our understanding of what it means to be StarSeed and we find other StarSeeds that have chosen to assist us. They are there to serve as teachers and guides and do so honorably. We may, in our insecurity, want to hand them our power (it is a subtle thing). A true teacher will not accept it, they will tell you that you are the master you seek and they will guide you back to your power. Do not fall into the trap of seeking a guru, but do seek guidance and support.

Again, remember… YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And, be patient and loving with yourself and others through this process.

Over the next several decades many changes will be occurring, there will be much upheaval as old structures fall away and new structures are built. You are part of the process… enjoy the ride!


Much Love,


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