StarSeed Awaken… The Path is Clear…!

StarSeed you are of the stars, you came here, to Earth, for a specific purpose, Now is the time to awaken and follow your path!  This world holds many avenues to assist in your awakening, many tools, many guides and many gifts, await you.

Some of us have been here through many, many lifetimes and others have just arrived.  However, we all arrived at this time for a specific purpose and we all Chose to be here NOW!  No matter what we have experienced, no matter what we believe, no matter what has transpired prior to our awakening... we all arrive at the specific time and place, of our choosing, for our awakening and the world.

We are by nature curious beings and we arrived in this life full of questions and seeking answers.  We often felt distanced from those around us, not knowing why.  Many of us became aware of certain gifts and abilities that most others did not possess, nor understand.  If we were fortunate enough to be born into a family that nurtured and supported us, we blossomed and our timing of awakening usually was much earlier in our lifetime.  However, we all awaken at exactly the right time!

Each of us planned for this experience.  We knew what we were going to do, be and express here at this time.  We were each given very specific frequencies and codes that when needed would be activated and "come online".  You see, The entire galaxy has been awaiting this time of the Earth's ascension!  And we, Dear StarSeed are the midwives, guides, teachers and way-showers for Earth and her inhabitants!  These are truly exciting times!

The Path is clear... Awaken and embrace your StarSeed origins.  Open your eyes to the path that lies before you.  Join with others, like yourself, who have chosen this time and this place.  There is a world, literally, of joyous adventures waiting for you!  We get to assist Earth in here evolutionary transformation into 5D!  What could be better than that?  We your Sisters and Brothers await you!

For unique services, courses and products to support your awakening and discovery of your StarSeed Earth Mission, visit us at StarSeed Living, We are here to support YOU.  We know how it feels to BE StarSeed.


You are important to the world! The care and maintenance of YOU!

As a StarSeed your physiology is much more sensitive to the environment in which you live.

If you are struggling to just exist and get by because your physical body is not supporting you then there are things you can do to get yourself back in the game… the StarSeed game!


Keeping your bodysuit, as my friend Sharon Riegie Maynard author of Mission Remembered calls it, HEALTHY, is imperative to fulfilling your mission.

I am talking about simple steps that you can start taking today to move you in the direction of wholeness and happiness. I don’t know about you but when I am not feeling well then I am not happy!  Well, that is not entirely true, my happiness is not dependent on whether or not I feel well, but it does make life so much sweeter.

Step #1. Find ways to reduce or eliminate Fluoride from your life. See if your municipality fluoridates your water. If they do then start using distilled water, spring water or find fluoride reducing filtration systems. The fastest way is either distilled water or spring water. Drinking pure water without chemicals goes a long way to reducing your exposure. You wont be able to eliminate it all together because you will still be showering in it but it is a big step. Also, make sure you are using Fluoride free toothpaste. I make my own toothpaste from equal parts of Diatomaceous earth and bentonite clay and peppermint essential oil.

Step #2. Consider never getting vaccinations again! This is a big one and very controversial but trust me there are things in those vaccines that you do not want in your body! StarSeeds are very susceptible to them so avoid them if at all possible. If you have small children, DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Step #3. Choose Organic, Local, Fresh foods as much as possible. If you can grow your own, even if only a small container garden worth of food, all the better. Source your eggs, chicken, meats from farmers who raise them as nature intended, on there normal food. Cows eat grasses and such; chickens eat plants, seeds and such. Corn and Soy are not your friends! Most of the corn and soy available to farm animals is loaded with glyphosates and chemicals even organic ones. Remember; you are what you eat eats! If you are buying your eggs consider pasture raised omega 3 eggs as they are usually raised outdoors and fed flax seed, a better option.

Step #4. Develop a practice of unplugging more often! Toxins are not just chemical in nature. However, studies show that you, yourself produce chemicals in your brain when you engage in social media, play computer games, need to pick up your phone all the time etc. that are very addictive. Unplugging and meditating, going outside and standing on the earth barefoot, talking with friends and loved ones all go a long way to help create balance in your life.

These are just a few simple things you can do today.  Life is a journey and taking small steps to ensure your health and well-being everyday go a long way to a happy joy filled journey.

Remember, you are more sensitive that most and being aware of how you are effected by your environment will help to empower you and when you are empower… you can change the world!

Keep up the good work, continue to spread Love and Joy and take care of yourself, for all our sakes!

I will try and get some links up on the resources page about vaccines and fluoride written by my dear friend Georgia Cammann.  They are worth reading!